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What Does IT Support Entail?

IT support is basically a department function of almost all IT departments, which ensures the computer systems of such an organization are properly monitored and kept up to date. An IT support company makes sure the networks of such a company are always running according to the stipulated standards of the organization. The monitoring of the computer networks include the maintenance of network security measures, backup and restoration of data and applications, software updates and patches, and hardware repairs or replacement. Other functions include the training of network professionals, and the training of support staff.

Computer maintenance is another IT Support function. This is the process of cleaning, upgrading, repairing, troubleshooting, and the installation of new hardware, software, drivers, and other systems. Computer maintenance is carried out to ensure that a computer system is functional at all times and can effectively communicate with the external world. Some other activities that are related to this IT support function include fixing security vulnerabilities, scanning for spyware and adware, checking email addresses, and performing updates. These activities help in the smooth functioning of the network.

Computer security maintenance is one of the IT Support roles. This involves all the activities involved in the security maintenance of a computer system. These activities include updating the firewalls, antivirus definitions, configure the security suites, update the security guards, and fix any internal or external threats to the system. Computer security maintenance helps to provide IT support by ensuring that all the security features of the system are updated in order to give maximum protection to the system against external threats.

Computer repairs and maintenance are IT support team functions. The repair technicians help in repairs of internal software and hardware components. The support technicians to help in the maintenance of the hardware components. The maintenance technicians ensure the proper functioning of the software applications and services. The IT support technician also acts as a troubleshooting technician.

A computer repair technician supports hardware problems and software issues only. Forcing the functionality of an application or forcing a change in the configuration file or removing unwanted components from the software is not part of the maintenance work. Rather, these activities are done by the support team hired for maintaining the system. A technician can be defined as a computer support technician as well when he or she is performing any of the computer repair services other than basic maintenance activities.

Computer security maintenance refers to all the activities performed by the system administrators to check the security features of the system. Security maintenance tasks consist of running virus scan, malware detection and removal, detecting and removing spyware, patching security defects, updating application service packs, registry maintenance, and configuring Internet connectivity. The administrators also monitor the system updates and perform the various maintenance tasks on their own. A computer support company offers different forms of maintenance services for different needs. A support company can also provide onsite maintenance services for systems using Microsoft Windows server, Red Hat Linux, Sun OS and, Novell Netware, and Unix. It also provides off site maintenance tasks for systems using IBM Lotus Notes, Macintosh and PCs.

The companies providing IT technical support services also offer different kinds of software support packages. These include software installation, antivirus maintenance, tech support, email security, web hosting support, fixing of software, testing and modification of software, hardware upgrading and many more. Each of these support packages has different scope and requirements. These packages help the organizations in saving money and time. IT technical support not only provides the essential computer maintenance but also improve the business operations and customer satisfaction.

Computer support technician training is offered by technical schools, colleges and online institutions. Online courses and college courses are very helpful as they are offered on a flexible schedule. Students who want to pursue a career in IT technical support should have a good academic background and a strong sense of computer applications. A degree in computer engineering is must to become a support technician as most of the technicians have bachelor’s degrees in computer engineering.